Hand Dryer blade video leaked tiktok, WATCH TIKTOK’S BLOODY HAND DRYER VIDEO

A joke video featuring a hand dryer in a dirty, graffiti-covered bathroom has scared many people. Some people are actually phobic of hand dryers (manussiccusphobia), but others have developed a new fear of the appliances after seeing the video go viral.

INSPIRATION The video has inspired many TikTok users to claim that their biggest fears have been unlocked. Some even claim that they saw the video, and their fears were realized. The video shows a drying machine blades coming out, before slowly pulling back in.

As the video plays, a message on the screen tells viewers not to put their hands in the dryer, as they might cut them off. The message goes on to say that the video is an animation, and that none of it has come true. In a comment below to anyone who is suffering from anxiety, the video’s original poster says that nothing in the video has actually happened.

Despite it being an animation, the video has garnered more than 12.9 million views, 1.8 million likes, and 41,000 comments from TikTok users who claim that the video has made them fear hand dryers more than before. Some people commented that they are going to start slipping the hand dryers from the sides instead of using them.

Despite many people saying that the video is only trying to scare people, it still gained a lot of views and positive comments. Some people have even posted videos of them approaching hand dryers in public bathrooms, but not having the guts to use them. One person wrote, I knew it was normal for me to be scared of those machines. Another person added, Im glad I use paper towels. Others have proved that there is nothing to be afraid of in the animation: What your Black Moon Lilith astrology sign means in astronomy.

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