Harrysong Nigerian Singer Leaked Scandal Tape Video Runs Girl Group Twitter Reddit

These days, uncounted happenings are regularly coming out from the music world to such an extent that every time these incidents take the form of a big controversy, bringing together a flood of reactions. Something similar is recently popped out as S*X Tape: Nigerian Singer, Harrysong shared a message from his alleged blackmailer who was threatening him for a long to make his video viral on social networking sites, to bless him with the great defame. Since his statement came out uncounted people are paying attention to him to get the comprehensive details, so below you could get what you need to know. 

Harrysong leaked Video

As per the exclusive reports or sources, Harrison Okiri, the Nigerian singer and musician also known as Harrysong, is recently shared a screenshot of the conversation he had with the blackmailer, who had been threatening him for a very long to name him to pout over the S*X scandal. On Wednesday he came to the fore through his Instagram handle, to make everyone acquainted with the stuff he is going through daily. Hence, almost everyone is paying concern towards him as well, while sending their reactions on the video about which he is talking for.

Harrysong Leaked Video

Later, he said that the S*X scandal about which the blackmailer was talking for had happened 6 years ago, when the shoot was going on, and he does not know from where he got the video and the way he is elaborating about the tape while, nothing is inappropriate contained by that maybe he has edited the video to defame him. Hitherto, the video did not come ahead to his admirers and people, because of which, no one knows that accurate truth. So, therefore, uncounted people are unleashing the remarks towards him as well because no one knows that at what kind of stuff is being contained by the video.

So here we have shared all those details which have come out through our sources, and that is why some details are still left in front. So It may also take time to come to the fore, what kind of scandal musician has done 6 years ago which has now become a thorn in his throat. So when something will come ahead we will make you update for sure, because still a few reports are coming out with different claims, so therefore, you will need to wait a bit more and for m,ore details stay tuned with us. 

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