Hashim And Saqib Car Accident Video Leaked CCTV Footage Explained

WATCH: Hashim And Saqib Car Accident Video Leaked CCTV Footage Explained: Two people Hashim and Saqib have been declared dead after the crash occurred on the A46 Leicester. Four people are been arrested on the suspicion of murder. Hashim and Saqib have died after a crash on the A46 highway in Leicester United Kingdom. Vlogger Maybe Vlogs aka and her mother is arrested on the suspicion of murder. They both have been arrested because of their various post uploaded on Twitter for chasing the car and their involvement in the accident. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Hashim And Saqib Accident

Hashim And Saqib Car Accident

As per Leicester’s police, it was happened on the A46 near the Six Hills Junction at about 01:35 GMT on Friday. Officers said a silver Skoda Fabis, a grey Audi TT, and a blue Seat Leon were seen traveling at speed in that area. police were beliving that the three drivers were driving speedily. East Midlands Special Operations Unit Detective Chief inspector Tony Yarwood urged for solving the case and he started investigating early.

There is no official information is available from Leicester’s police that Vloggers were involved in the cash. it only doubts the involvement of Mayb Vlogs and her mother in the accident. The police are trying to solve the mystery. police are asking questions in the vicinity in the early morning. especially officers were checking the camera Footage. when the accident happened the three cars were crash and two people were immediately died, and the other four-person was arrested on the suspicion of murder.

Hashim And Saqib Car Accident Death Video

Muhammad Hasim and Saqib have died in the accident. detective is watching the all-cause of the car crash. it was an accident or someone was involved in it. police have suspicion on some people are they already been arrested by the Leicester police. According to some social media viral rumors, Maybe Vlogs, aka May Bukhari and her mother have been involved in the car crash and they also have been arrested by the police.

May Bukari often known as Aka May, is a well-known social media influencer from the United Kingdom with an Islamic background. he is well active on YouTube on other social media platforms. she got fame on social media by posting her daily blogs and other social media activities. Many reporters are claiming on social media that she is arrested. but there is no official confirmation is available about the actual fact. and all stories are completely rumors and that was based on incomplete facts.


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