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Here’s How to get 2021 Twitch recap and see email for streamers and viewers


just like last year, Twitch has announced its 2021 recap for streamers and viewers.

Streaming platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music have started giving users the opportunity to look back what they have listened to the most in the last one year.

Twitch has followed in the example of these sites and gave users a rewind of their year in 2020.

Here’s how to get your 2021 Twitch recap.

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What is Twitch recap?

Twitch recap is a ‘wrapped’ feature of the last year which gives streamers and viewers the opportunity to see their year-in-review in one single email.

The recap shows users which streamers they watched the most, how they participated on the platform, what their favourite emote was, and more.

Twitch announced that they are getting closer to sending this year’s recaps, writing in a tweet:

“Every minute that passes means you’re all closer to seeing your 2021. Can you predict what your top categories will be?”


How to get Twitch recap 2021

Twitch recap is available for both streamers and viewers and will be sent by the platform to the email address your account is registered with.

But each type of personalised recap depends whether you are a streamer or a viewer on the site.

To make sure you receive it, you need to have your marketing notifications enabled.

Log in your Twitch account, tap ‘Settings’ and go to the ‘Notifications’ tab.

Once you are there, tap ‘Marketing’ and make sure you have turned the toggle on to opt in for marketing emails from Twitch.


What to do if you have issues with getting your Twitch recap

You need to make sure that the email address linked to your Twitch account is still active and you have access to it.

Search for ‘2021 Twitch recap’ or your username in your inbox in case the statistics got lost among other emails.

Alternatively, check your spam inbox or get in touch with Twitch Support if you haven’t received your recap or have similar queries to the one below.


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