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Hitman Holla is the talk of the internet this week after an explicit video of him and his girlfriend appeared online.


Fans claim that the rapper posted the clip to his ‘close friends’ Story on Snapchat and it was then screen recorded and leaked by one of his friends.

Fans are shocked by the initmate video, which he won’t be linking in this article, and have been taking to Twitter to react.


We haven’t seen the video, but according to fans, an x-rated clip of Hitman Holla and his girlfriend Cinnamon is making the rounds on Twitter.


The rapper reportedly posted the video to his ‘close friends’ Story on Snapchat, and it has now been leaked by someone on his ‘close friends’ list to Twitter.

If you’re unaware, ‘close friends’ is a way of only making a video visible to a select group of people that you have specifically chosen.

At the time of writing this, Hitman Holla has not addressed the video on his Instagram or Twitter, and it’s unclear whether he really did post the clip himself.

However, the video clearly came from him or someone who had access to his Snapchat account, and it’s sent fans wild on Twitter.



Twitter users are shocked by the video and can’t believe that it was actually posted to Hitman Holla’s ‘close friends’.

One person wrote: “Hitman holla too weird for posting that lmao. Like what in the clout chase?”

“Why tha hell would @HitmanHolla post those videos and how’d they still get leaked from his close friends,” said another.

third person added: “I’m late af but was Hitman holla hacked cuz i know he ain’t just post all that on his story.”

“Did I like the hitman holla video yes I did, but I think this was intentional. Him and Cinn always overshared,” tweeted another.



Hitman Holla’s girlfriend is social media influencer and entrepreneur Cinnamon.

On Instagram, she has 331,000 followers and often shares photos of her life in St. Louis and Atlanta.

She has two businesses, a fashion store called Cinny’s and a cooking business called Cinny’s Food, both of which she has tagged in her Instagrma bio.

Cinnamon is also a YouTuber and has her own channel with Hitman Holla which has 185,000 subscribers.


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