Holi Special On Naagin 6

Naagin 6, 20th March 2022, Written Update: Holi Special On Naagin 6: Here we are with the written episode update of Naagin 6, this season of Naagin is so mesmerizing as the concept and the motive of the Naagin is to kill the disloyal people to the country. With this motive, Pratha and Mehak both have dedicated themselves to being entered at their house and the got a permanent solution for this. Hence in the last weekend, we have been seen that Pratha and Rishab got married to each other. This is the biggest plan Pratha had and she is successful now. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com

Naagin 6

First Holi Celebration of Pratha After Marriage:-

In tonight’s episode, we will be going to see that there is a celebration in which all the family members are seen getting ready with excitement for this Holi. On the other hand, Pratha is also ready for this Holi and she is looking so beautiful as she is in a white Kehnga with some jewelry, and in this way, she has been floating. So the Holi celebration setup is so beautiful. When Pratha enters there everyone eys at her as she is looking fab in it. She has grace and charm on her face which attracts everyone’s attention.

But this celebration will fetch tension for her as one of her enemies will gonna be her to bring her truth in front of all the family members. He will be seen coming to her and this way Pratha will face the circumstances of her real side. As that man will gonna be played a “Sanke Musical Instruments”. After this, she use to start her Snake dance but the most disappointing. But somehow Prataha will be going to be managing everything very sincerely. Mehak is also there and she had been noticing that Pratha is helpless hence she will gonna help her.

Later Rishab is also at the same place and he is searching for Pratha but at that time she is troublesome about how Mehak handles the situation. Later Rishab notices her and when he goes close to her he falls in her beauty. He then asks her to apply color to her face and they both feel a bit about each other. In tonight’s episode, we are gonna see that she is going to find out about the culprit but it will not going to be easy at all. Watch the full episode only on the colors tv channel.


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