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Horrifying Google Maps Killer Clown Pic That Shook The Internet Check REAL Story Behind


A piece of news is going viral on social media, a terrifying Google Maps find has disclosed a picture of a scary, Knife-wielding clown standing in front of a bloodied door. The clown is seen standing in front of a door dashed with what looks like blood at the entrance of a basement flat in Montreal, Canada.

Horrifying Google Maps Killer Clown Pic

The news is running in a serious appearance. Here we will share with you all the details about the news, you are on the right page for knowing the information. We will try to cover all the information with all the genuine facts. Let’s continue the article. Keep reading.

Horrifying Google Maps Killer Clown Pic That Shook The Internet 

According to the report, there is no clarification whether the clown was a prankster trying to amuse map searches or the car with a wide camera passing by the city simply happened to come to an ongoing Halloween party. It is normal for cars towards the world to travel down streets, taking panoramic views for Google’s has expanded to Several other and rural sectors across the globe. Another strange Google Maps find.

A creepy dark mass of an island on Google Earth made waves on social media, giving rise to several conjectures. The image of Vostok island, an uninhabited Coral island in the Pacific Ocean raised eyebrows after it was shared to a famous Reddit page about unusual Google Maps finds. A number of users responded with disparate theories, with some cogitate It was a secret military base.

In 2014 an incident left people horrified. When the maps feature appeared to apprehend a murder taking place, Police in Leith, Scotland were alerted after this.

The apparent killer has been followed by the Police, they reached a mechanic’s car repair shop, where they found that a couple of workers at the shop staged the murder as part of a sick prank according to the camera appearance.

Google Maps can also be quite hysterical, terrifying as the other incidents are. Google maps fans have mottled a mountain with a hysterical name- Mount Clitoris. Social media is in twinge after they searched that the mountain shares its name with the part of a woman’s genitals.

Travel My Globe says that Mount Clitoris is a “hidden gem tucked away waiting to be surveyed” Mount Clitoris is a very popular trekking spot, Mount Clitoris is located about 167 miles of the north of the capital Manila. Formerly called Mount Magao, and it rises serenely above a peaceful Barangay Cagubatan in Tadian. Stay connected for updates.

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