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You must be aware of Gaby Petito’s case that grabbed the eyeballs of many this year. Well, a documentary has been made on her that explains all the details of the case. Yes, the said documentary will be released on Netflix which would be available for all the viewers having the subscription. Now, the netizens are curious when the documentary will be released online and when would they be able to stream it as Gabby’s case was something that was being talked about for half a year. Let’s find out the details here.

The Murder Of Gabby Petito Documentary: How And Where To Watch Online?

It is not hidden that Gabby Petito was brutally killed and had brought a wave of anger and outrage amongst the netizens who were demanding nothing but justice for the young girl. Her dead body was discovered by the police authorities that had shaken the world. Everyone was focused on the case and wanted to know what has happened with her and who killed Gabby Petitio. While her case was being investigated, Gabby’s boyfriend, Brian Laundrie became the prime suspect. However, before the officers could collect evidence by interrogating him, he was discovered dead too.

The Murder Of Gabby Petito Documentary Details

Sources claim that Brian Laundrie took his own life and that he committed suicide. Netizens had gotten frustrated thinking Brian freed himself from the punishment he deserved to get after killing the innocent girl. Though before committing suicide, Brian had gone missing for quite some time as well. So many questions are unanswered which might get answered after the release of this documentary. It is said that the documentary will reveal the whole side of the story and that it will feature Gabby’s parents as well.

Gabby Petito’s documentary will be released on December 17 on Peacock. Yes, if you happen to have a membership of Peacock, you can watch the documentary on the platform. The title of the documentary is “Gabby Petito’s Murder: Truth, Lies, and Social Media”. It will show how Gabby’s parents suffered when they lost their daughter and will share unknown things about her.

Everything from how the 22-year-old rose to fame on social media to how she got brutally murdered will be shown in the documentary. Briefing the horrific incident a bit, Gabby was reportedly on a van life journey with Brian Laundrie, her fiance, across the US. The journey had begun on July 2, 2021, and in late August 2021, the girl disappeared. Various speculations and assumptions came to the front about the missing girl. However, many questions are yet to be answered that might be revealed in this documentary.

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