How Did Alan Hopgood Die? Check What Happened With Him Cause of Death Dies At 87

Alan Hopgood, the Australian author, and actor, has sadly passed away. He took his last breath at The Alfred Hospital in Melbourne Victoria, Australia, on March 19, 2022. The actor was 87 at the time of his death. Undoubtedly, the news has devastated all his fans and loved ones. Social media is flooded with heartfelt tributes and respect. Everyone is mourning the veteran actor’s sudden death and is expressing their sadness. What was Alan Hopgood’s cause of death and how did he die are also being searched on the internet. Here’s everything we know about it.

Alan Hopgood

As per reports, the Australian actor and playwright Alan Hopgood have battling prostate cancer. He was diagnosed with the dreaded disease at the age of 59. Since then Alan had been fighting against prostate cancer. Despite getting the best possible treatment, the actor could not survive and succumbed to the disease. Professor Catherine Crock AM of Go Kindness paid tributes to Alan Hopgood. Catherine stated that their hearts are heavy today at the news of the loss of a dear friend of ours.

Who Is Alan Hopgood?

The professor further said that Alan’s extraordinary contribution through the three plays he wrote and performed with them to over 200 healthcare audiences has been transformative. Catherine seemed devastated to learn about his sudden passing. Born on September 29, 1934, in Launceston, Australia, Alan John Hopgood AM was an Australian actor of theatre, television, and telemovies, dramatist, producer, playwright, screenwriter, lecturer, and musical librettist.

Alan was well-known for writing the screenplay for the popular film titled “Alvin Purple” and his TV soap opera roles such as Prsiober as Wally Wallace, Neighbours as Jack Lassiter, and Bellbird as Dr. Reid. He grew up in Tasmania and acted in several dramatic roles when he was still a child. The actor graduated with a Bachelor of Arts with Honours and a Diploma of Education. His first play titled “Marcus” was produced at Melbourne University. However, the first play of Alan Hopgood that was successful was the sports play, “And the Big Men Fly” in 1963.

Later, in 1973, the play got adapted for TV by the Australian Broadcasting Corporation. Apart from this, Hopgood has written several television and film screenplays as well including the comedy film released in 1973, Alvin Purple. To add, it was one of the most commercially successful Australian films of the early 1970s. He had been an actor with the Melbourne Theatre Company for ten years. Alan wrote a book titled One Man’s Journey in 1996 which was based on his experience surviving Prostate Cancer.

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