How Did Amanda Ioannidis (Lyons) Die? Mother Of Three Killed In LaSalle, Suspect Identified

A woman named Amanda Ioannidis has sadly passed away. Amanda was found dead inside her residence in LaSalle. Since her death happened in suspicious circumstances, the LaSalle Police Service Criminal Investigation and Forensic Units has started probing the case. Along with them, Ontario Provincial Police Forensic Unit is also investigating the shocking face. The police state that it is a homicide. They are trying to identify the suspect who killed the 34-year-old woman. Read the article to get further details of the brutal murder and information about the deceased woman.

Amanda Ioannidis

The officials were informed about the homicide on Saturday around 7:30 AM. They reached the residence of Amanda Ioannidis only to find her lifeless body. Amanda’s body was immediately sent to postmortem so that the details surfacing her mysterious death can be revealed. On another side, the cops began their investigation into the case. They started interrogating the people in the neighborhood to learn more about the dead woman and her respective family.

After some time, the LaSalle Police Service Criminal Investigation and Forensic Units identified the first suspect. Currently, Amanda Lyons’ husband Blair Lyons is on the prime suspect list. According to the police reports, the 34-year-old Blair Lyons’ vehicle was located in the early hours of Saturday. It was abandoned on the Ambassador Bridge. The evidence suggests that the man jumped from the bridge into the Detroit River. After the news was announced, La Salle Fire Service, RCC Trenton Search and Rescue, and, Windsor Police Service, reached the scene.

The rescue team left no stone unturned to find out the whereabouts of Blair but unfortunately, they could not find his location. Despite best efforts, Blair remains missing. The officials are trying to find his location so that the investigation can get ahead. Talking about Amanda, the woman has left her three children behind. These children are 4, 5, and 8 months respectively. Undoubtedly, the children will have to live without their parents as one is dead while another is missing.

A GoFundMe page has been created to support the children of Amanda Ioannidis (Lyons). Police have stated that Amanda was allegedly murdered by her husband. She suffered domestic violence and ended up getting murdered at her residence. The investigation into the case is currently ongoing as the cops are trying to collect shreds of evidence to find out the details of the homicide. Stay tuned with us and get all the latest updates.

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