How Did Burt Templet Die? What Happened? Cause Of Death?


This three-part series explores what happened on Monday, June 3, 2019, when 17-year-old Anthony Templet shot and killed his father, Burt Templet, at his home in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

I Just Killed My Dad by Skye Borgman, the girl in the picture, also delves into the events leading up to that fateful day, Anthony Templet’s psyche and the subsequent journey to mental and emotional health.

What they didn’t expect, however, was that Anthony admitted on the phone that he was the murderer.

“He tried to attack me. Then we got into a fight. Then I ran into his room, closed the door, got a gun. When I opened the door, he tried (inaudible) and I shot him dead. I just killed my father. I shot him three times,” Anthony Templet told the operator in a creepy 911 call.

As seen in “I Just Killed My Dad,” when police arrived at their Baton Rouge, Louisiana home, they saw no signs of physical struggle, nor did they find Anthony Templet Evidence of shooting his father in self-defense. However, Anthony Templet’s lawyers would successfully make a different argument.

As heard on Netflix’s “I Just Killed My Dad,” Anthony suffered years of abuse from his father.

He told investigators that his father would beat him for hours and psychologically torture him by controlling his movements, tracking his whereabouts and installing cameras around the house.

In “I Just Killed My Dad,” Anthony Templelet said, “I’m always being tracked by something, whether it’s a camera or a mobile app.

“He wants to control everything, including me and the rest of the family in this house. I know he wants to control me.”

On the night of Burt Templelett’s death, Anthony and Burt Templelet had a dispute over an alleged phone call between Burt Templelet’s ex-wife and Anthony Templelet’s stepmother, Susan.

When Anthony escaped and returned to his bedroom, he was followed by his father, Bert, who said he was drunk and combative, and things quickly escalated into a physical confrontation.

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