How Did Elise Malary Die? Missing Trans Advocate Found Dead In Lake Check Cause of Death?

According to Evanston Police officials, Elise Malary, the LGBTQ advocate, has been found dead in Lake Michigan near Evanston, Illinois, a neighbourhood north of Chicago. Let us add that Elise Malary is the same woman who has gone reportedly missing on March 12. Her family stated that the 31-year-old woman had talked to them two days before she disappeared. The cops discovered Elise’s car before finding her body. Let us check who was Elise Malary and details about her missing and death case. Check if she was murdered by someone?

Elise Malary

Evanston Police shared that they responded to Garden Park in the 500 block of Sheridan Square, where they discover the lifeless body of the Black transgender activist. As her body was found in suspicious circumstances, Malary’s body was sent to the Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office for an autopsy. The woman had been missing since March 11. After being missing for days, the cops found her dead body on Thursday, March 17. Reportedly, the cops pulled out Elise’s body from Lake Michigan.

Who Was Elise Malary?

Earlier, the police had stated that they did not suspect foul play. However, Elise Malary’s cause of death has not been revealed yet. As the news announced, Malary’s sister, Fabiana Malary said that she is overjoyed that her sister had so many people that loved her and that she was glad that so many people helped search for her. Fabiana added that she wants people to know that Black trans lives matter, her sister’s life matters, and that she is going to do whatever it takes.

Elise was a founding board member of the Chicago Therapy Collective that shared a picture of Malary on Instagram and wrote that they are heartbroken to share the news that Elise Malary had been found dead. They further wrote that no additional information is available at this time. The therapy collective strived to reduce health disparities of LGBTQ through education, advocacy, arts, and therapy. Talking about Elise Malary, she was a student at the University of Illinois Chicago.

Reportedly, she volunteered with organizations like ‘Proud To Run Chicago’. Elise worked at Illinois Attorney General’s Office too. Besides, she had worked as a Communications Associate at Equality Illinois. It is reported that Malary will receive a Transgender Visibility Award at the upcoming Chicago TRans Visibility Pageant. It is organized by a Black- and Brown, trans-led social services agency on the West Side, Life is Work. Currently, the police department is investigating Elise’s death.

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