How Did Leslie Griffith Die? Cause Of Death? What Happened?

How Did Leslie Griffith Die? Cause Of Death? What Happened?Leslie Griffith, a longtime journalist and anchor for KTVU’s Channel 2 News and on TV screens for more than two decades, has died.

Griffith died Wednesday in Lake Chapala, Mexico. Before Griffith sat behind the anchor desk, she was a fearless reporter, often working in dangerous environments, gathering information and writing the stories that gave her an incredible presence on-air.

A true master of breaking news, Griffith became a master of the three-ring circus amid the chaos of a big story. Like an air traffic controller, she deftly moves from one source to another without writing hard scripts, asking probing questions of newsmakers, experts and fellow journalists.

Whenever a reporter has new news or a new interviewee, she goes to that person immediately and reassures the audience of the latest news. Longtime KTVU host and journalist Leslie Griffith has passed away. Before being on TV, she was in the news for the Associated Press and the Denver Post.

She has been researching tuberculosis in circus elephants for many years and working to remove elephants from circuses. In 2005, she founded the Leslie R. Griffith Woman of Courage Scholarship to help young women.

She has been a prolific contributor to the Huffington Post and the San Francisco Chronicle. A family member confirmed that Griffith had been affected by Lyme disease since being bitten by a tick in Oregon in 2015. The family member said she has a home in Mexico, where she has lived since 2016.

Griffith is from Tomball, Texas, population 12,000, and is survived by her two daughters, Trenton and Carly, and two grandchildren. KTVU will air the full obituary segment in the news today at 10am.

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