How Did Mike Hickmon? What Happened? Incident Explained

How Did Mike Hickmon? What Happened? Incident Explained:  There was a shooting at youth football game in Lancaster Saturday killing a coach. The shooting at a scrimmage between 9 year olds took the life of Mike Hickmon. Reportedly involved is Yaqub Talib, brother of @NFL CB

Absolutely unbelievable these stupid ass adults ALWAYS actin like crazy punks! You kill a man over a youth activity?!! Wtf!!! some kids could have been killed! This is fuckin ridiculous Fr fr! Condolences to the family of Mike Hickmon. The shooter can go to HELL!!

Deepest condolences with thoughts and prayers to the family, friends, former teammates, and players of Coach Mike Hickmon, who was tragically murdered at a little league football game that took place yesterday evening in Lancaster Texas.. The adults are always ruining it for kids.

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