How Did Piko Preston Die? Cause Of Death? What Hapened?

How Did Piko Preston Die? Cause Of Death? What Hapened?:  Biko Preston’s death, obituary: The death of beloved TikTok star Biko John Preston in August 2022 was publicly announced by his sister on Facebook, At the age of 43, the statement read:

My brother John (PICO Preston) is energetic, wild, generous, funny and well-loved.

John is the friendliest person I know. He gave everything. He was our peacekeeper as we grew up, always mediating sister disputes and continuing to do his best to make his day happy.

You are sure to laugh when John is by your side. He is the funniest uncle of my boys and my two girls have a special relationship with him even though we live far away.

He recently opened an account on TIKTOK, and his cute smile, wild sense of humor and genuine comedic timing keep his millions of fans laughing every day.

We love you so much, John John. I’m so glad we got one last hug when we visited in June. We will do our best to be more gentle and loving to honor your example. until we meet again. ❤️

Exact details of Piccopreston’s cause of death have not yet been released.

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Share what you want to say about John Peko Preston in the comments below and say a nice word to friends, family and loved ones. May his soul be at peace forever.

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