How Did Rich Higgins Die? What Happened With Him? Check Cause Of Death

Rich Higgins, a US Army veteran, was struck down in January 2021 with a devastating illness. Reportedly, Higgins tested positive for the ongoing virus. Well, the disease did collateral damage to the army as he suffered from a rare strain that resulted in a blood clot. It further resulted in him losing a portion of his intestines. He went through multiple surgeries and spent endless weeks in the ICU. Recently, netizens are searching for him on the internet are trying to find out what happened to Rich Higgins. Check complete details here.

Rich Higgins death

Well, it is coming forward that Rich Higgins could not recover from the disease and passed away. The news has shaken his loved ones to the core. Everyone is rushing to social media to pay heartfelt tributes to the army veteran. Since he was serving the nation, it is not just his family’s loss but also a huge loss to the country. Tributes have been pouring in on social media as everyone is stunned to learn about the devastating piece of news. Amidst all of this, netizens also seem to search for Rich Higgins’s cause of death and how did he die.

As per reports, Rich Higgins was admitted to Georgetown University Transplant Center and was undergoing multiple surgeries. However, the surgeries could not help in his recovery and result in him getting 100% disabled instead. Rich’s medical conditions got worsened and he needed support for his wife Krain and their four children. Even though Higgins’ death news has been shared, the details surfacing his death have not been revealed yet.

At this time, Rich’s death cause is unknown. Since his family has been going through a difficult time, they have not shared any details about the army veteran’s death. As mentioned above, Rich Higgins served in the Army. Later, he was served as a career official in the Pentagon, in the Bush and Obama administrations. Believing the reports, Higgins was fired from the NSC in 2017. He had said that the former Obama administrations were communists and had called the Black Lives Matter movement ‘Marxist’.

Higgins had added that agents of China and ‘left-wing’ organizations invented the term ‘Islamophobia’ 15 years ago. Although not much information about the veteran is available online yet, it is known that he was a dedicated and trustworthy citizen who always prioritized his country. Rich Higgins’ sudden passing has surely affected all his near and dear ones. We pray his soul gets heaven.

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