How Did Thai Boy Die? Check Details

Once again, a popular Thai model Wiyada Pontawee is remaining the subject of great discussion among everyone, since her photoshoot ended up in a tragedy after her 2-years-old son watered at a pool on location. Since the news occurred on social networking sites it grabbed immense attention, as almost everyone is sending their deepest condolence to her so that, she could stay strong in the hard period. Because everyone knows that losing our close one in front of our eyes is more heartbreaking than anything. So below you could get the comprehensive details along with some untold facts.

Wiyada Pontawee Two-Year-Old Son Drowns In Pool: How Did Thai Boy Die? Check Details

According to the reports or sources, Wiyada Pontawee is a 26-years-old Thai model who is associated with OnlyF and other significant video streaming sites, where regularly uncounted content creators make their appearance. At the time of the incident, she was with her photographer husband and two songs at a house party in Pattaya Villa on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. But she had not imagined that she will have to pay back up to the extent for this kind of photoshoot while losing the life of her son in such a manner, which broke uncounted heart while giving them a trauma.

How Did Wiyada Pontawee Two-Year-Old Son Die?

It is being reported, that the deceased is identified as a 2-years-old Chawanakon Hancharoenpanna and is considered to have drowned in the evening at the swimming pool of the Villa, while his mother was inside the room of photoshoot which was clicked by Pongrit. But as soon as she heard the sound of drowning she rushed towards the swimming pool and jumped into it to save her son but unfortunately, she was a bit late as he lost his breath. Meanwhile, her husband also came to her and gets shocked to see the condition of his wife and deceased son, which broke them totally.

Later, the concerned department reached the incident spot and started investigating the case meanwhile, they are requesting to all parents take care of their children when they are close to a swimming pool or any water lake. Because no one could predict that at what kind of tragedy is waiting for them, as this time it happened in such a worst manner. So we will also give our deepest solace to the family so that, their strength could remain ahead in this tough time. So may his soul rest in peace in heaven (RIP Chawanakon Hancharoenpanna).

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