How Did Woodrow Stanley Die? Former Flint Mayor Cause Of Death

Woodrow Stanley, former Flint Mayor, has sadly passed away. He was 71-year-old at the time of his death. Stanley’s family members shared the heartbreaking news. Releasing an email statement on Wednesday, February 16, the family said that Woodrow Stanley died on Tuesday, Feb 15, 2022. He was admitted to Hurley Medical Center and was getting treatment there. County commissioner Charles Winfrey expressed his sadness on losing such a dear friend. Charles said that the Flint Mayor was a great man and was a true public servant. He added that Stanley was drastically underappreciated.

Mayor Woodrow Stanley

Charles Winfrey had served as a top advisor to Stanley when he was serving as mayor. His sudden demise has affected him along with Stanley’s other associates. Social media is flooded with tributes and condolences while netizens are also searching for the mayor’s cause of death. However, the family has not revealed it yet. At this moment, how did Woodrow Stanley die is unknown.

Talking about Stanley, he served as a state representative and chairman of the Genesee County Board of Commissioners while he was also the president of the Michigan Municipal League. Woodrow counted Bill Clinton, former president, as a friend. In 1991, Woodrow Stanley was elected mayor for the first time by almost 10,000 votes. It came after he served as a city councilman for the last eight years. In the development of University Park, Stanley’s signature project as mayor has held major importance.

It also became the first subdivision that was developed in Flint in decades. When Stanley was recalled in 2002, his serving period as a mayor ended. At that time, the general fund budget deficit of the city had reached almost $28 million. Besides, Flint’s business climate and population were in decline. Stanley had spoken out about it in 2014. The 71-year-old had said that he is the first person to say that he has not been about just winning friendship contestants.

Stanley added that he is in the business of having friends and supporters but he is not the kind of person who believed in going along just to get along. In 2004, Stanley became a county commissioner and served the position from 2004 to 2008. It also included one year as the board chairman. Winfrey had said that anyone would have been fallen from grace after a recall but Stanley did not let that deter him. City Council President Cric Mays consoled the late mayor’s death and said that he will be sadly missed.

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