How To Become A Stockbroker In Bitlife? Complete Step-By-Step Guide

How To Become A Stockbroker In Bitlife? Complete Step-By-Step Guide: A piece of informative news for the players who loved to play games on smartphones. In this blog, we are talking about a BitLife Wall Street Wolf Challenge guide like how to become a stockbroker, create addiction, contract disease, buy a yacht. So carefully read this entire blog to know all the details of it. In order to complete, gamers require to complete the following tasks. Follow More Update On

How To Become A Stockbroker In Bitlife

How To Become A Stockbroker In Bitlife?

  • Become a Stockbroker
  • Create a bank balance of $22 million
  • After that develop an addiction
  • Contract 4+ different se*ually transferred diseases
  • Buy and sink a yacht
  • Server 2+years in jail

The first one requires a player to become a stockbroker. That is not a quite difficult task to do, as all the player require to do is perform well in school and college. Exquisitely, the player should be studying something connected to finance, which includes business and maths, economics, marketing as well, to better the chances. A university degree is needed to work as a stockbroker in BitLife. While a business degree is not important to becoming a stockbroker, it will aid the person to narrow down their job options afterward. The person requires to apply for a stockbroker position from the Jobs menu in the game.

Structure a bank balance of $22 million will take the person some time. All the person can do is keep making sure the person is earning as much as the person can, and finally the person should be able to make it through. To create an addiction, simply drink or smoke numerous times until you are addicted to it. To contract STDs, the person requires to have flings with a large number of individuals. Make sure the person has a clean criminal background as well. If the character has served time in jail, there is a good probability the person will be turned down.

Next up, hold a boating license under the Activities tab to purchase a yacht. Take it out several times, and ultimately it should crash. After that, the person requires to commit a crime and then the person should end up in jail. Once the person has completed this, the person should get their rewards for this week. The person will have completed the first assignment of the Wall Street Wolf Challenge in BitLife once the person has become a stockbroker. Visit our website for a prior BitLike challenge for additional information.


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