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How to Write Research Papers that Rock: Advice for Students


Writing research papers is a task many students dread and college professors often expect them to have this skill, although most of them aren’t taught how to write them in high school.

With a different mindset, writing research papers can be seen as a step towards obtaining your goals and developing a specialization. They can greatly improve your understanding of your chosen field. Here is some advice for you to help you write successful research papers and get good grades.


Begin with a strong thesis

A thesis is your statement of intent – it describes what you intend to prove or demonstrate. You can choose to challenge a misconception or find a new way of looking at a widely held idea. For example, you could write about a classic piece of literature in the light of today’s culture or technology.

Making any connection that offers a new way of looking at something will show your interpretation and evaluation skills and your ability to make a strong argument. Your research should advance current knowledge in your field rather than being a repetition of other work.

Write a compelling introduction

You need to engage readers from the very first sentence and leave them wondering about what is going to follow. If you start by giving your final results and you may just lose them right away. You must give readers enough in your introduction to help them decide that it’s worth reading further.

Sentences that are too long and complicated will immediately turn them off. It often helps to write your introduction after you have written the rest of your paper, as your content and tone may change as you write it. It will be more refined if you write it later.

Write for an audience

When you write your research paper, you need to do so as if you are explaining the topic to your academic peers or writing for an academic journal. This will help you to write at the right standard and keep the writing engaging rather than stuffy and boring.

If you start off by thinking that only your professor will read it, you’re likely to think of it as a chore rather than an opportunity to express your opinions in a clear, interesting and concise manner. If you write as though you have a true interest in the subject rather than just because it’s an assignment, you will enjoy it more and this will reflect in the reader’s perceptions of it too.

 Get help with your research paper

Students studying at college often battle with research papers and don’t know where to start when they have to write them. If you need help with research paper, EduBirdie is there to help you. When you get help with writing a paper from professional writers, you have an example of a well-written paper that’s plagiarism-free, has correct referencing and more. It gives you a good example of what’s expected of academic writing that you can follow.


Use reputable sources

The more relevant and credible your resources, the more they will substantiate your claims. There are many scholarly online research databases and scientific peer-reviewed journal articles you can use as references.

The relevance of a source to your topic and especially an up-to-date source can really substantiate what you have to say. References that have little to do with your topic or that are really out of date will dilute rather than reinforce your argument. Not citing your sources correctly is one of the biggest research paper writing mistakes.

Check the flow of the paper

The body of your research paper will consist of paragraphs and they must flow from one to another in a logical way. Writing a rough draft first will help you to include all the ideas you want to address and put them into a logical format.

Unless it is linear and written in a step-by-step sequence, readers may not follow what you have to say. Take a step back and think about whether you would understand what was written if you were an outsider to the field? Don’t use complex language just to impress.


Writing interesting research papers is within your grasp if you’re a college student. It can be hard work and take you a while to grasp the academic requirements but once you do so, there are various ways you can make your research papers compelling to read so you can earn better grades. Not only will you earn better grades but you will have a deeper understanding of your field.

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