Idaho murders: Wild theory suggests killer may have had ‘PIQUERISM’ as cops struggle to find killer #idahohomicide #IdahoStudentsSuspect #IdahoUniversity #idahosuspect

MOSCOW, IDAHO: There is a sea of theories and speculations that America is obsessed with at the moment as cops work on the Idaho quadruple murder case to find a suspect. Four students from the University of Idaho lost their lives on November 13 while they were in their beds at night in their off-campus residence. The killer used a ‘Rambo-style knife’ to stab the victims Kaylee Goncalves, Madison Mogen, Xana Kernodle, and Ethan Chapin — all in their early 20s — to death.


A month has passed since the killings, making family and friends of the victims understandably frustrated because of the slow progress in the case’s investigation. With no real updates from the cops, online sleuths stepped in to post possible their theories and one such amateur detective has posted their own take on Reddit, regarding the case.

The Reddit user who goes by the username u/Southern_Dig_9460 has suggested that the suspect(s) “may have had Piquerism”. The person has shared, “I’m currently studying for my bachelors in forensic psychology so I’m by no means an expert in this field yet but I think our killer could have Piquerism. Which is sexual stimulation through stabbing and mutilation. J@ck the Ripper is believed to have had this condition too. They weren’t sexually assaulted because they didn’t have to be — he was doing it in his own sick twisted way.”

They then explained, “So my theory is this was lust murders preformed by some psychotic man with Piquerism. We don’t know exactly where all the stabbings happened on their bodies but mutilation of the throats, breasts, buttocks or genitalia would be enough for the diagnosis. How this could help catch him is any passed sexual partners of the killer would be aware of his sexual proclivities (knife play, sticking partner with pins, etc)that could at least make them a possible person of interest.”

“Though it’s possible the killer might not have really any sexual partners (incel) in which to satisfy these desire and it boiled over into these 4 murders. Just my theory with the limit information we are given,” the Reddit post added, attracting a lot of attention from other users. Piquerism, known as a paraphilia as well as a form of sadism, is a sexual interest in penetrating the skin of another person with sharp objects that can cause extreme injuries or even death.


A user commented below it, “Wasn’t there a Hypothesis that Jack the Ripper was wanting revenge against ‘Women of the Night’ because of an STD and so there were no associated sexual assault with the crimes? It would be an interesting angle considering the morality based conspiracy theories and the local Cult. If there was anything to it.” Another user wrote, “It’s a theory for sure, but I would have to imagine it has to be super rare for someone to be legit diagnosed with piquerism. Only way to find out is by catching the guy and doing a psychoanalysis on him. I Do know that whoever did this is sick and crazy.”

The third one remarked, “I feel you. But until there is a pattern of evidence (just like all conditions/afflictions) there would just be no way to know! The ripper killed (we think) 5 women.. on different dates (with one exception) and he escalated.. which I think is evidence to something like you mention. This guy hasn’t done that yet. I think also, someone that has that, would want time alone with their victims, ripper could have spent hours with his one victim spreading her parts about the room.” The fourth one added, “More likely just a fellow student with anger control and psych issues. IMO.”

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