Imlie Marries Aryan Singh Rathod

The 18th March 2022 episode of Imlie is going to be overwhelming enough, as finally Imlie gets released from the trap of “Gudiya and Badi Maa”. She rushes towards the canopy so that, she could marry Aryan Rathod as everyone is waiting for her, but meanwhile, inwardly she is thinking about those circumstances which had happened to her at the time of her kidnapping. But she could not see those faces which made her trapped into the box and sent out from the house through a truck, but she makes sure to find the main culprit whose prime involvement is standing behind all these.


After a while, when she comes in the house everyone gets happy besides “Gudiya and Badi Maa” as she overturned the entire game while reaching to the canopy. Gudiya says that how could she do this because as far as they are concerned it was impossible. But Badi Maa says that Imlie is too clever so they will have to take any step in a too sagacious way, because there every wrong step could make a huge difference. Gudiya says that she will make sure safe enviournment before taking any step against her.

At the same time, Aryan tries to ask her where she went but she does not reply by saying that first, they should finish all rituals then she will reply to him for everything. But Aryan knows that something is fishy with Imlie, like someone’s involvement is standing behind all these, and as soon as possible he will have to find out the main culprit at any cost, before its too late. But Inwardly Imlie wonders that besides their engagement she will not continue other rituals at any cost, because this wedding does not make any sense for her, as he insisted her to do so.

Meanwhile, Aryan sees her gestures and comes to know everything, as she has decided to not follow further rituals, hence he makes her understand that she will have to follow all rituals no matter what happens. Because as far as he is concerned, he is doing everything with full of honesty and will expect the same. Imlie gets shocked to hear his statement because without saying even a single word, Aryan has come to know everything. So let see what will happen the next as many twist and turns are coming ahead, so do not miss streaming it on StarPlus at the correct time and for further details aty tuned with us.


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