Indian Government Banned BTS? Explained

Indian Government Banned BTS? Explained: BTS boys no need for introduction. They have become millions of hearts in whole over the world. Indian BTS fans were waiting for a long time for BTS’s India tour. There are some posts that are viral on the Internet that is claiming the Indian Government had banned entry for BTS in India. A few days ago, RVCG had shared a post in which, ” Indian Government of India has banned the world-famous South Korea Band ‘BTS’ stating that their influence is a threat to Indian Youth.” It further mentioned, ‘The Government also requested YouTube to restrict all the videos from the BTS band to be viewed in India. and if it’s true then it is a very shocking decision for Indian BTS fans. Follow More Update On

Indian Government Banned BTS

Indian Government Banned BTS?

As soon as this news has been circulated on Internet, BTS’s fans got worried about the fact. they started to search on the Internet. Netizens begin to search is the true information or it is only a rumor. they started to present their views on social media. One of the Twitter users wrote on its accounts. “I am already scared coz I saw some diekhead people spreading some rumors about BTS that they are banned in India, so my heartbeat almost stopped yk”.

Another user wrote ‘Some brainless spreading rumor about BTS being banned in India. what do we do with these MFS’? Rather than a YouTube channel had already made a video on this issue and uploaded it on his channel. so how are people getting surety about the news? A YouTube channel named ‘Cinewood Hub’ uploaded a video that presented the viral news as fake. It claimed that it was an edited post, so you don’t need to worry about the situation.

However, no official confirmation is coming from BTS and the Indian Government. so whenever any official confirmation is not come by the Government of India, it could not be belive on the news. if the government would bane the Band, will diffidently give a statement. BTS is not only popular in India but is a worldwide famous K-pop group including V Jin, Jungkook, Jimin, Suga, RM, and J-Hope. BTS has become the biggest music sensation in history. The band was discovered in 2010. It had released its first album in 2013. Their fans call themselves A.R.M.Y which stands for Adorable Representative for youth. Youth are very crazy for the BTS, especially girls fans, they are totally mad for the BTS.


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