Is Bob Paltrow Still In Prison? Was Gwyneth Paltrow Dad Arrested For Real?

Hello, all the entertainment lovers, so, the Apple sequence came up with a new show titled ‘We Crashed’. The show is featuring one of the prestigious and renowned actors Jared Leto portraying the role of Adam Neumann. The actor is sharing the screen along with Anne Hathway who is essaying the role of Rebekah Neumann. The show has been inspired by the real-life story of the entrepreneurs and completely focused on the rise and falls of their agency. Well, this is the first season of the show that premiered on 18th March 2022, Friday exclusively on Apple Tv Plus.

bob paltrow

As we mentioned above that the show is inspired by a true story that also features the character based on real people. Well, some of the characters shown in the show raised some of the queries in their mind. One of the prominent among them is they are quite eager to know about the father of Rebekah Neumann named Bob Paltrow who has been detained by the law enforcement and then proceed for the legal proceeding where he has been dispatched to serve sentence after the court found him accountable for some illegal activities.

As far as we examined more details, Bob Paltrow is the uncle of the famous actress named Gwyneth Paltrow and as we informed you earlier he is the father of Rebekah Neumann. The show is featuring the particular character of Rebekah’s father which again brings the real Bob or Robert into the limelight for some more time. As of now, the netizens and the people who are acquainted with the real events are keen to know whether Bob has been released by the law or still serving his sentence in the prison. There is numerous question on the existence of Bob either.

It is being expected that Bob wasn’t in jail meantime, however, he has been found guilty of double counts of jail tax evasion. He was found paying less tax according to his income. He then served three years of the sentence along with a $250k fine. But later the sentence was reduced after attorney plead for concession. The decision then settled down with 6 years of jail.

The incident took place in 2014 and as of now, Bob aka Robert Paltrow served his sentence after which he was released from prison. As of now, he is living along with his family. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more updates.

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