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Is Craig Wright ‘Satoshi Nakamoto’? Alleged Creator Of Bitcoin Case Details Net Worth


Cryptocurrency, also known as digital currencies, are taking over the world by storm and there’s no doubt about it. Recently, one piece of news related to the said currencies is coming forward. Yes, you must have heard the name of Craig Wright as he has become the hot topic nowadays. Well, it is being said that he happens to be the person who has invented bitcoin, decentralized virtual currency. The computer scientist from Australia Craig Wright has claimed that he is Satoshi Nakamoto, the person who created Bitcoin. Check the complete details.

Is Craig Wright 'Satoshi Nakamoto'? Alleged Creator Of Bitcoin Case Details Net Worth

Nakamoto, the creator of bitcoin who has implemented the first blockchain, has kept his identity hidden for very long and his identity was being anticipated by the netizens. Using the same as an advantage, many creators came forward and claimed that they were the creator of the digital coin. Craig Wright was also among many personalities who claimed for the same. However, it is still not confirmed if he happened to be the same person or not. Although several sources are covering the news, no one seemed to know the full truth and we come among them too.

Is Craig Wright The Satoshi Nakamoto’?

Besides, it is also coming forward that the computer scientist predominated in the Miami civil case pitted him against the family of his business partner who was also a computer forensics expert named David Kleiman. Craig has won the U.S. court case which has eventually saved the billions of dollars that he has to pay to the family of his business partner. In 2016, Craig Wright had claimed to be Satoshi Nakamoto who developed Bitcoin through a blog post. However, many people belonging to the crypto community were sceptical about his claim since Craig had not moved any of the single bitcoin that has reportedly been mined by Satoshi.

On Monday, the prosecution proclaimed that David happened to be the co-creator of bitcoin beside Wright. They stated that due to this, Wright is entitled to half of Satoshi’s fortune. Eventually, the jury is West Palm Beach favoured Wright. Besides, the jury also asked the scientist to pay $100 million in compensatory losses over a violation in intellectual assets rights which is related to a shared venture between the two gentlemen, W&K Info Defense Researcg LLC. The amount will directly go to W&K and won’t to Kleiman estate. Besides, Craig Wright’s estimated net worth is assumed to be around $80 to $100 million. For more updates, follow our site.

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