Is Diether Ocampo Dead or Alive? Accident Updates Images Videos And All Details

There are numerous car accidents that come to the fore in which several people lost their lives. It is not a common issue as no one deserves this type of sudden death. Recently, we got another news of an accident in which a person struggling for his life. Some sources claimed that the name of the person is Diether Ocampo and everyone knows that he is a very famous actor. Now, the actor comes to the headlines after he met with an accident that took him to the hospital. Let us also tell you that the car accident happened with a garbage truck that occurred at an estimated 01:00 AM on Friday, 4th February 2022, along Osmena Highway, Makati City.

Is Diether Ocampo Dead or Alive? Accident Updates Images Videos And All Details

The reports claimed that the actor was immediately taken to the hospital where he is getting proper treatment for several injuries. Just after the accident happened, the news went viral and the fans of Diether took to social media to send him prayers for good health. According to reports, Diether was driving his SUV along the southbound lane of the highway but it collided with a garbage truck. It is noted in the reports that the garbage truck was temporarily stopped on the side of the road where the staffer had gone to collect garbage.

The officials investigated the case and when the accident happened, The Philippine Red Cross reached the place. Talking about the actor, he was also immediately taken to the hospital. On the other hand, the car of the actor was also damaged properly The hood and bumper of Diether’s car were damaged after the accident. Respondent Joey Alicante said that Diether was examined like “he was resisting” being brought to the hospital by Red Cross personnel, according to reports cited by Inquirer News.

Let us also tell you that Alicante, Barangay Pio del Pilar’s Bantay Bayan stated that “The stupid truck was on the hazard. The actor probably did not notice…It is positive, he was under the influence of alcohol”. Diether Ocampo is a Filipino actor, model, singer, and military officer. He was born and raised in Bacoor, Cavite. Now, many people are searching to know more about their health like no one wants to lose them so soon. We will update our page related to Diether Ocampo’s health update and you just need to visit our website.

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