Is Ernie Brown Jr aka Turtleman Dead or Alive? Check Death Hoax True Or Fake?

On the internet, we have been scrolling posts about Ernie Brown, Jr’s death and it has created a buzz online. Well, those who do not know who Ernie Brown, Jr is so we would like to let you all know that Ernie Brown, Jr whom we also know as “The Turtleman” has appeared in one of the noted American reality television series that aired on Animal Planet from 2011 to 2014 named Call of the Wildman. Well, here you will get to know if he is alive or dead.

Ernie Brown Jr aka Turtleman

As per the sources it came to know that Ernie Brown, Jr. aka Turtleman recently suffered a heart attack and after the news broke on social media people started searching about him and some of the local pages are claiming that he died after suffering the stroke but new reports have come that he survived the stroke and now he is recovering from it and mainly he did not die and is alive, currently the man is going under medical treatment and soon he will be back to the normal (according to the medical reports)

Well, the man is all right and fine in the hospital and medical sources have said that soon he will come out of the room. Another thing that is being searched by people is, is Ernie Brown Jr. already famous? Well, this question does not have any particular answer because as per his wiki it came to know that he got the limelight after making an appearance in Animal Planet’s Call of the Wildman, where he also got a nickname and people started calling him a Turtleman.

In a statement, he said “I got one broken bone, and it’s in my arm. I’m hurting in my chest. I got hit by a tree limb about as big as my leg,” the TV personality explained. “It fell about 50 feet, I was cutting a tree, the tree fell perfect. Then all of a sudden, bam! A limb hit me across the neck and shoulders.” Ernie Brown Jr. took his official Facebook page where the 56 years old television personality spoke to his fans laying on the bed in the hospital, where he seems recalling the moment that what exactly happened to him. He talked about “undisclosed location” speaking about his broken arm and other ailments that he met with after the accident.

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