Is Kanye West Publicist Trevian Kutti Arrested? Ruby Freeman Lawsuit Twitter Explained

It seems like Ruby Freeman’s lawsuit is taking up the pace on Twitter where people are seen showing support to the election worker, Freeman has filed a lawsuit for defamation against Gateway Pundit, it seems like Freeman has filed a lawsuit for defamation against Gateway Pundit.

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Who Is Ruby Freeman?

Ruby Freeman is an election work from Georgia, she and her daughter Shaye Moss has been accused of stealing votes from Atlanta’s vote-counting facility by former President Trump’s team. The suit has been one of the first which has been filed by individual employees targeted by the wacky world of mongering and conspiracy news sites that are continuing to claim that Donald Trump had the elections stolen from him.

Ruby Freeman Lawsuit Explored

It is a lawsuit of defamation against Gateway Pundit, it is currently trending on Twitter, the election worker from Georgia has been trending on the internet, she has filed a lawsuit for defamation against Trump’s supporter website Gateway Pundit in order to publish dozens of articles to defame Ruby and her daughter Shaye.

The publication was started off as the mother-daughter duo became the targets of a right-wing misinformation campaign after they were processing ballots last year in Atlanta according to the Daily Beast. It seems like people on Twitter are very supportive and they have written numerous things for her support.

One Twitter user writes, “Rachel is now doing this story now.  Good for Ruby Freeman – I hope she wins her lawsuit against Gateway Pundit. She should also sue Trump – definitely a case of a famous person with a large megaphone defaming a private person.”

Another user writes, “I want to thank Ruby Freeman for her work protecting our elections. She has gone above & beyond the call of duty for a normal election worker in what she has had to endure as a target of Trump & his cult mob. I hope she gets every penny she’s looking for in her lawsuit!”.

Is Kanye West Publicist Trevian Kutti Arrested?

Trevian Kutti has not been arrested as of yet as there is no information about her arrest yet, she is also attracting media attention and people’s interest after the election worker Freeman broke her silence, According to Reuters, Kutti visited Freeman’s home and stated that Freeman was in danger and she was there to provide help.

Kutti was the one who was forced to confess Trump’s voter-fraud allegations or she could be facing an angry mob or even jail time,she gave her name to Freeman while she visited her home but she did not identify the person for whom Kuttie was working. There are going to be further details on the case in the coming days and weeks, we will be back with further developments.

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