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Is Leda Dead In Netflix Movie? Check Review


Netflix’s latest Drama/Psychological drama that hit the audience for a six with a mind-blowing story and the screenplay as well has ended and now the most searched thing is, ending of the move and also the summary. People are searching that what is the story of Netflix’s The Lost Daughter, so here we will let you know about the complete story and also the ending so be here till the end.

The Lost Daughter Ending Explained: Does Leda Die In Netflix Movie? Check Review
Hey, folks! as you all know that Netflix never misses its chance to grip its audience’s craze towards the screen and therefore the OTT site brings better from one another amazing drama, thrill, crime, romance, and comedy based stories and amid so many blockbuster shows, and in the midst of so many captivating shows The Lost Daughter is becoming a hot potato as everyone is talking about it. Well, the show has ended and now people are talking about the cast such as Leda Caruso, Nina, Elena, Bianca, and Callie. However, the cast is one more thing that is gathering the attention of the audience because after watching the story people are searching about her name.

The Lost Daughter Cast

  • Olivia Colman as Leda Caruso
  • Dakota Johnson as Nina
  • Ed Harris as Lyle
  • Peter Sarsgaard as Professor Hardy
  • Ellie Blake as Martha
  • Jack Farthing as Joe

When it comes to talking about the story so, it revolves around a lady who is on a summer holiday and suddenly she finds herself getting keen to stay with another woman, in easy words saying this won’t be bad that she starts obsessing with the same gender and the story gets more interesting when she also gets obsessed with the daughter of that lady to whom she gets attracted.

However, if we talk about the summary of the show so in the movie you will watch a college professor who is a lady confronting her unsettled past when she meets a woman and her young daughter in Italy. When she sees that lady and her daughter the entire scene makes her remind of her motherhood. If we talk about the release dates so it was firstly released in Venice on 3rd of September 2021, and after that, it was released in the US on 17th of December 2021, and the movie got immense success as it has achieved so many noted awards for the screenplay, story, characters, and so many other things. So, if you have not watched it yet, so go and hit it.

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