Is Marfan Mike Dead Or Still Alive? Official Wackpacker for Howard Stern Show Death Hoax Explained!

Since morning, a name has been circulating on social media and people want to know that who was the person. According to the recent reports, Marfan Mike, who was also known as Wolf Packer revealed that he lost the power to talk for months on end. He was forced to relearn how to walk and flatlined twice.

marfan mike dead

Due to this ability, he got the attention of many people around the world and everyone wanted to know what did happen to him? Did he still alive or not? He was recovering from his ability thankfully but unfortunately, the moment came just for a few times.

Is Marfan Mike Dead Or Still Alive?

According to the sources, Marfan Mike has been reported died in the hospital due to Marfan Syndrome which is a kind of disease that happens to some few in the world. Marfan Mike was one of the unluckiest men who became prey to this disease.

Unfortunately, Mike did not survive due to this disease and lost his life in the hospital. For the last few days, the news of his sudden demise has been circulating on social media.

Let us tell you that Marfan’s Syndrome is a genetic disorder that can impact the connective tissues of a human body supporting the body and organs.

Due to this disorder, it could damage the blood vessels. heart, lugs, and even bones of the hips and rib cage of a human body. He was recovering but unable to use his left hand. In a Howard show, he told that he has a job in customer service and living with his mother at home.

Marfan Mike Death Hoax

He was also famous among people as Wolf Mike in the Howard Stern Show. He was also welcomed into the Wack Pack. As per the resident Wack Pack handler, Shuli Egar, the absence of Mike was primarily due to health issues. He was checked with these symptoms in early of 2019.

According to the reports, he also went into a coma for nearly a year due to Marfan Syndrome. At that time, the doctors said that they almost lost Mike due to his condition. He was a member of The Howard Stern Show, an American entertainment talk radio show.

Talking to Mike, he shared his experience with others and said that it seems that he had got a new life. He told in the show that he was feeling grateful and better. The Host said that he was just happy to see Mike alive and he didn’t want to lose another friend from Wack Packer. He will be always remembered by his loved ones.

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