Is Peng Shuai Dead or Alive and Where Is She Now? After Sexual Assault Accusations

Is Peng Shuai Dead or Alive and Where Is She Now? After Sexual Assault Accusations: The former tennis player, Peng Shuai has hit the headlines of the global news after making sexual allegations against the politician Zhang Gaoli. Gaoli is one of the famous former political leaders of China who has worked as the Vice Premier. The accusations against such a popular figure in Chinese politics put Shuai in a tight spot. Today, several celebrities and the public have shown their concern towards the safety of Shuai, given the intensity of her claims. After making sexual allegations on Zhang Gaoli, Peng is missing. The entire social media is flooded with the questions such as Is Peng Shuai Dead? Let’s find the answer to this question. Follow More Update On

Peng Shuai

Is Peng Shuai Dead or Alive and Where Is She Now?

Peng Shuai is not dead, as per the report by the concerned officials. In the meantime, any updates on her accusations on Weibo on 2nd November, she stopped communicating with the public on 11th November. The Chinese Tennis Association sent a confirmation to WTA Open that Peng is safe and not under any physical menace.

Though WTA reports that no one from the organization has reached Shuai directly to confirm her status. The disappearance has caused global disturbance as social media users are demanding her public appearance and the case of her accusations to be thoroughly investigated.

Though, the silence of Shuai and the law’s ignored attention to her claims have abject her fans, including fellow tennis star Noami Osaka. Osaka uploaded a picture of Shuai on her Twitter handle, captioning it, #WhereIsPengShuai”. Since then, questions regarding the whereabouts of Shuai have bombarded the platform at the moment.

Peng Shuai Sexual Assualt Allegations Explained 

Peng Shuai opened up about her sexual assault accusations against Zhang Gaoli through a long Weibo post. The post was taken down 20 minutes later, but it prompted countless questions on Gaoli and the Chinese government to watch at it. Shuai accused that she and Zhang had an on-off extramarital affair when Zhang peaked his political career.

After he retired, he contacted Shuai had asked her to come to his home. Though she was sexually assaulted by him and shockingly his wife were present at that time. He assaulted her in front of his wife. The incident has happened 3 years prior to the opening up of Shuai. This is the first time a top Chinese Communist Party member faces such serious sexual misconduct accusations in public.

Peng Shuai is currently 35 years old as she was born on 8th January 1986 in Xiangtan, Hunan.

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