Home Death And Obituary Is Young dolph dead? Was He shot Dead? Whats happened?

Is Young dolph dead? Was He shot Dead? Whats happened?


According to reports on their social networks, the news of the death of oung Dolph due to an apparent shooting has gone viral.

Facebook dice @YoungDolph acaba de ser asesinado, el tipo está en vivo y eso está cerca de su auto en el video.

Soulja Boy does not believe that Young Dolph can bring in $100,000 per show. On Wednesday (November 10), Dolph revealed how much money he made for each live show. “Why the fuck I am an independent artist and earn 100rax plus income for a performance?” The “Preacher” emcee wrote in his Instagram story.

“How the fuck @keyglock got more cars and ice cubes than you and your CEO?” Da Tianlong saw Dolph’s post on the blog and decided to express his views in the comments. “This is a big ceiling,” he wrote. “They signed a contract with @empire. I am really 100% independent and there is no upper limit.”

Kanye West squashed beef with Soulja Boy because the “Donda” verse was deleted The “Crank Dat” emcee then criticized Dolph and his team for sending messages directly to him.

“Man, young Dolph, if you don’t let your bitch artist leave my muthafuckin’ DM, brothers,” Soulja said in a video posted to his Instagram story. “Fuck you talking, brothers? Brothers thought he was bulletproof until he was shot like Dolph, brothers. Are you fucking saying’round, nigger? You were not shot 100 times Are you a nigga? You’re a nigga who keeps getting headshots and shots? You are all bitches niggas. Better leave my DM.

Fuck the paper road. Fuck the key Glock. Fuck young Dolphins. Fuck you all niggas.” Soulja Boy enters Kanye West after the “Drink Champs” visit: “I went to muthafuckin’ studio to cook.” Soulja posted a screenshot of the direct message exchange between him and Key Glock. He asked the Memphis MC, “What do you want to do?” Key replied, “Nothing! I’m scared.”

This is the latest event that Big Draco has participated in. In the past few weeks, he has been accusing Kanye West of deleting his verses from his Donda album. “If he doesn’t like this poem, he should say don’t text me, like you are fucking wit, and then secretly take it down,” “she claps” the rapper said before. “What the hell is that? I’m also working on my album. I don’t have time to do these things.”

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