Israel Matseke Zulu Death – Obituary, Cause Of Death

Israel Matseke Zulu South African Entertainer Died Of Gangrene Complications

South African entertainer Israel Matseke Zulu sadly passed away on Monday, November 29, 2021, due to complications from gangrene.

Israel battled with gangrene for a long time which prevented him from walking and working.  Israel Matseke Zulu Obituary has not been released by his family.

Israel was an amazing and brilliant writer, vocalist, and artist. He was famously known for his job as GP in the SABC1 dramatization series Gaz’lam, from 2002-2005. Israel was brought into the world in Alexandra Township and is the second brought into the world in the group of five.

Gangrene is a dead tissue caused by an infection or lack of blood flow. The death of tissue often occurs in the extremities or skin from loss of blood supply. The condition often affects toes, fingers, and limbs, but can affect muscles and organs. Symptoms include discolored skin, severe pain followed by numbness, and foul discharge.

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