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Israel Matseke-Zulu Death -Obituary, Don Skroef Cause Of Death


I just saw a post on Facebook that Israel Matseke Zulu (known as Don in Gomora) has passed away.

The experienced actor Israel Matseke-Zulu has quit Gomora due to his physical condition and unable to continue appearing in the series. Unable to perform at the best level in the show, he requested to log off from Gomora.

Israel has appeared in various shows, including Gaz’Lam, Z’bondiwe, Isibaya, etc. It is his star power and iconic “voetsek” that make him a fan favorite of Mzansi.

His management company Ice and Orange Entertainment stated that gangrene prevented him from walking and working normally during filming.

“I was indeed diagnosed with gangrene, which severely affected my right leg and prevented me from walking and working normally during filming. It also made it difficult for me to perform as an artist or when I was invited to a performance. Throw out the dance moves of the slum professors you know me.”

“My work in Gomora is growing in demand, which makes it difficult for me to go all out because the disease actually makes me half disabled.”

He said that shortly after he joined the TV series, the illness began.

“Shortly after I joined Gomora, my legs started to suffer from slight pain. I think this is a transitional stage. I like Gomora as a show. I am very close to it from the beginning and prefer it in my small town of Alexandra. At the same time, I’m the kind of actor who wants to go all out and go all out to do what I like to do.”

TshisaLIVE contacted Gomora, and Nomsa Philiso, the director of the local entertainment channel, said that the actors would always come back.

“In order for our audience to see fascinating and true African stories that reflect our society, the storyline often changes. The characters will change with the storyline, and some actors will leave to pursue other careers in the industry, and always Welcome back.”

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