Jackie Reed huntsville al dead and obituary, former Mayoral candidate passes away

Prominent Huntsville lawyer and political candidate Jackie Reed died Sunday.

In a post confirming her death, Reed’s family described their love for the city of Huntsville.

“Mom loves the city of Huntsville and everyone. She is a caring, caring person who lives by principles and does the right thing.”

Jackie Reed’s city council comments always end in the same line: “I love you!” It’s a tough love, that’s for sure, but it’s love. Love the people, the city, and even the elected officials. Jackie Reed is one of them. Huntsville laughs with her, nods at her, and sometimes even contradicts her. I’ve been on stage with Jackie for at least four mayoral races, and it’s been a treat. Her first race in politics was the mayoral race in 1988, and Jackie and I had the same fate as that election—the public vote made us do something different. Jackie, a self-proclaimed town hall watchdog, makes sure no issues escape her attention. Rightly or wrongly, Jackie stood by her beliefs and her love for Huntsville was never questioned. She will be missed.

In 2018, WAFF highlighted Reed’s final inauguration. During her time in Rocket City, she tried 15 times to run for office.

“I ran for mayor eight times but was never elected. This is the seventh time I’ve run District 4,” Reed said in a 2018 interview.

Our family is heartbroken today because our mother Jackie Reed passed away last night. We will miss this little lady so much because she was such a big part of our lives and the rock and roll that we’ve always been there for us. As we mourn and miss her not being with us, we know she will always be there for us and guide us in everything we do. We know she is with God today and heaven has won a very special lady.

Mom loves Huntsville and everyone. She was a caring, caring person who lived by principles and did the right thing.

After my father died when we were very young, she raised me and my sister alone, even though she always said God was the one who raised us. The intense love she shows is what she calls “tough love,” and if you get close to her, you may feel her love too.

We are lucky to have her as our mother. She has been a great inspiration to our family and many others. She is a strong woman of faith who loves God with all her heart.

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