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Jacob Rees-Mogg Christmas Party Video, Jokes About No 10 Christmas Party Scandal


Recently, a video has been going viral online which has created a lot of buzzes. You must be wondering what happened this time and what kind of video we are talking about here. Well, let us tell you that Jacob Rees-Mogg, who is associated with the said viral video, has reportedly mocked the ongoing Downing Street Christmas Party or No 10 Christmas Party. Now, the video featuring him has become the top trend and has gotten the House of Commons leader into a huge controversy. Let’s find out about the matter in detail. Check the article below.

Jacob Rees-Mogg

The 52-year-old leader was the guest speaker at the Institute of Economic Affairs’ Christmas Party. The party was held at the night on Monday, December 7, 2021. Well, the video features Jacob Rees using the ongoing scandal to get some laughs. Yes, he is seen telling the crowded room that he sees they all are following the regulations. Jacob further adds that he meant that this party will not get investigated by the police as everyone seems socially distanced. The leader says that he is pleased to tell them that they have moved.

Mr Jacob also added that he understands that the regulations require them to maintain social distancing and it justifies why everyone is sitting at least two inches away from one another. Ever since the video got viral putting the Lord President of the council into the limelight, Downing Street has also gotten into the news. However, they have consistently refused to accept the fact that any kind of Christmas party occurred while London was under Tier 3 restrictions. They have claimed that they have always maintained the rules and regulations and that guidelines have always been followed.

Nevertheless, footage that has been obtained by ITV news displayed PM’s secretary Allegra Stratton at a mock press conference, held on December 22, where she had answered a few questions about the party taking place the previous Friday. Talking more about the footage, the key officials that included Allegra Stratton too shared a laugh about the party not following the virus protocols as they were not socially distanced and were saying “cheese and wine” and “not being alright”.

Ms Stratton is seen warning the people saying it’s recorded. Now, Mr Johnson is being asked to resign but he keeps claiming that no rules were broken at that time. Well, Ms Stratton did resign and issued a statement where she wrote that her remarks seemed to affect the rules that were taken seriously by the people and apologized for the incident saying it was never her intention.

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