Jasmine Decides To Destroy Fateh

The coming episode of Udaariyaan is going to be overwhelming enough, as Jasmine is set to take revenge from Fateh while making him defeat in the football match. Yes, you heard right, Jasmine has decided to give a ransom to the referee so that, he can take all decisions under her favour so that, the entire reputation of Fateh could be ruined in such a worst manner. Meanwhile, she mentions that no matter what happens but she will not let him win at any cost, as he is the prime suspect behind her unhappiness and therefore he also does not have a right to be happy.

Udaariyaan 19th February 2022 Written Update: Jasmine Decides To Destroy Fateh

At the same time, Tejo hears everything including her plans under which she will going to execute Fateh’s downfall, hence, Tejo says that she will not let her do anything and decides to trap her into her conspiracies. Because she needs to get the answer in the same language she understands, therefore, she always does such things ever with the help of the referee which will overturn the entire game in such a manner, she never expected, but when Jasmine will come to know about all this she gets shocked.

Udaariyaan Latest Written Update

Meanwhile, Tejo makes everyone acquainted with Jasmine’s conspiracy especially those females who are connected with an NGO along with Fateh, then they decide to trap Jasmine. Hence, they make the referee faint and meanwhile ask Fateh to replace him as soon as he can because a match is going to occur at any moment. So, therefore, they have only a short time, at the same time, Fateh says that he has planned everything now they are eagerly want to make their appearance on the ground to compete with the opposition. At the same time, Jasmine’s happiness knows no bounds as everything is going on the same she wanted.

After a while, when both teams take place in the ground along with the referee Jasmine gets shocked to see him, as they have replaced him and no one knows where is the original one. But despite this, Jasmine could not do anything because the match has been started and they are making the goal, so if she stops it then everything will be overturned in such a worst way. Hence, she feels helpless as she can not do anything against Fateh and Tejo. So watch it on Colors at the correct time and for more details stay tuned with us.

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