Jasmine Exposes Herself For Amrik

The coming episode of Udaariyaan is going to be overwhelming enough, where you will watch that Jasmine decides to make Amrik acquainted with everything so that, they could initiate their new life on the base of truth. She mentions that if she does not tell him anything then it will be inappropriate enough. Because no relationship survives on the foundation of lies, so, therefore, she wants to unleash everything which Amrik deserves to know but first, she thinks to talk to Tejo about everything so that, she could advise her something in the matter, and hence she goes to talk to her.


At the same time, Jasmine mentions that she should write a letter to Amrik through which, he could get everything. Then she takes a paper and pen and starts writing while revealing her all exploits along with the accident scene where she trapped him as a defaulter. While writing she is not able to control her tears because gradually she is realizing her mistakes which she made to destroy the Virk family, who is now helping her to overcome the injuries, she unleashes everything from starting to till the end, so that, he could not be ignorant from any vital information.

Then she sends a letter to him and hopes for the best but there is high speculation is coming out, for the troubles. Because Fateh also passed the same place where she dropped the letter, therefore, maybe Fateh could get it and if it happens then everything will be overturned up to the extent which no one would even suppose. As he knows everything about Jasmine that she could not change for the sake of anyone, as chameleon does not forget to change the color and Jasmine is one of them who bites the person at any time under the shed of innocence.

On the other hand, Rupi tries to make his entire family understand that no matter what happens he will not accept Fateh as the groom of Tejo. But Babe says that now everything has been sorted out so Tejo can go to her in-law’s house and as far as she has concerned nothing is wrong with all these. But Rupi says that he will find another one besides Fateh as he does not deserve his daughter as his wife. So let’s see what will happen next and do not miss streaming it on Colors.

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