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Jasmine Finds Tejo & Fateh With Angad


The 16th December 2021 episode of Udaariyaan begins where finally, Jasmine finds the exact location of Fateh and as soon as she sees his face her wound gets revived. Her anger goes up to the extent that Fateh was the one who destroyed her passport, and boarding pass in front of her when she was about to take a flight to Canada. She is not able to stop herself and decides to go to him so that, she can get all answers which she needs to know, in short, her anger gets heavy on her sagaciousness due to the fire of revenge.

Udaariyaan Today's Written Episode Update 16th Dec 2021: Jasmine Finds Tejo & Fateh With Angad

Meanwhile, Jasmine thinks that once she should talk to Angad Maan because only he knows the exact location of Tejo and Fateh, because still, she is thinking that Fateh left her due to Tejo and both are leaving peacefully. But as soon as she reaches the party of Angad she gets shocked to see Tejo there along with him. Spontaneously she says that if Tejo so with him so where is Fateh and why he left her, she gets jealous to see Tejo happy with Angad and says that she will not let her happy more.

Udaariyaan Full Written Episode 16th Dec 2021

At the same time, Fateh also comes there and sees Tejo happy with Angad his eyes filled with tears of joy because he wants her happiness and she is happy enough with her husband. But Jasmine is burning in the fire of revenge, and hence she decides to ruin them at any cost no matter what happens, because they became the cause of her unhappiness, so they also do not have a right to live happily. But Jasmine is not understood that how could the circumstance get overturned in such a manner, that Fateh is not with Tejo, even did not tell his location to anyone.

In the previous episode, the viewers have watched that Jasmine handshakes with an anonymous man who will help her financially, in her revenge because she has told him everything. Hence, that anonymous man promises her that whenever she will need him he will be there, so there is no need to think more about him, and she should focus on her revenge which she needs to take because someone destroyed her, so it’s her choice she wants to take make their life hell or not, it is totally up to her. So watch it on colors at the correct time and for further details connect with us.

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