Jdfromny206 on twitter today – Why does Jdfromny206 want WWE to get rid of TLC #SmackDown

The way WWE compiles gimmicky match-themed PPVs is rarely consistent. Sometimes they’ve been whole gimmicks. Sometimes they are just an instance of a gimmick. WWE’s theme for these things is usually “a decent match, a stupid ending”.

The gimmick race PPV can work because Lockdown is one of the biggest PPVs of the year at TNA, but you have to really support how things work. How PPV works. How the rules work.

Extreme Rules started out as an ECW branded show that originally showed all the games under ECW rules, which were hardly rules.

I think they had a match this year that wasn’t actually a DQ, a match that ended with a DQ, and a match that probably should have ended with a DQ if WWE was logically scheduled (i.e. if hell freezes).

They are almost a quarter of the whole thing. They haven’t committed to a full themed PPV, but they’re also cancelling the tournament type for the rest of the year, because these are annual events now, not hell of hell or TLC tournaments if it doesn’t fit, just put the conditions Push into the game because that will be the upcoming PPV.

Especially since Hell Cage has been downplayed in recent years, it’s a gimmick that I don’t think WWE should ever make an entire PPV.

Especially since they keep shooting at the knee with stupid match heads. We had DQ in the cell, damn it.

Like a lot of things in WWE, they’re basically acting for acting’s sake. Not because they have an interesting story to tell, not because they don’t and need it, but that’s how they do it.

At this point, I don’t think it makes any sense to have a PPV called Extreme Rules, since only one game in the entire damn show is actually under Extreme Rules. Being the supporting force behind the entire PPV is far from an obvious requirement, since in this match, what the wrestler did in the comedy WWE hardcore division of the past is at home.

WWE is both oversaturated and in short supply in gimmick matches.

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