Jerry Ward bodybuilder death, Body fitness YouTube passed Away – cause of death

Today I say goodbye to my good friend Jerry Ward. Those from the OG YouTube fitness days probably remember our videos together. Please pray for his family.

Jerry Ward is a fitness guru, competitive bodybuilder and former wrestler. He started his fitness journey in 1994 when he was certified as a personal trainer. A few years later, in 2001, he started working as a fitness model.

During his years of training and dieting, Jerry dabbled in competitive bodybuilding, wrestling and later acting. He has also worked in commercials and appeared on smaller TV shows.

However, it wasn’t until 2010 that Jerry’s fitness career really took off. Around this time, he started posting fitness-related videos online. His raw, candid, and sometimes controversial videos have earned him a lot of attention and criticism. Some felt his honesty “goed too far”; demanded that his video be removed.

However, Jerry overcame this – he continued to post the video despite the criticism. He remains committed to educating people about proper exercise, nutrition, and supplementation.

Jerry Ward grimaces in pain with chest cable in gym

“See how fast things are going when you wake up tomorrow and do what you said you would or want to do. In every aspect of your life!”

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