JiDion Was Permanently Banned from Twitch – What Happened?

JiDion Was Permanently Banned from Twitch – What Happened?: According to reports, YouTuber JiDion Adams got banned from Twitch. He is popularly known for his prank videos on the platform and the news of him being banned has surprised his fans. Earlier it was a two-week ban but the Amazon-owned streaming service later made it a permanent ban for “Extreme Harassment”. Ever since the announcement, he has become the subject of discussion among many and his name is trending all over the internet. Are you also curious to know what happened to Adams and why was he banned? Check the complete details here in this article.



Sources confirm that the ban was due to a hate raid he orchestrated on popular star Pokimane. It is said that many of his fans flooded her stream and spammed the chat with terms aimed at denigrating the Moroccan-Canadian streamer and her content during the raid. It is no doubt to say that what Adams did was not acceptable and realizing the same, he not only accepted his 14-day ban but apologized for his mistake too. However, it did not help him as Twitch decided to permanently ban him for harassment a few days later.

Although many people welcomed the decision, it did not sit right with him. Taking to Twitter, JiDion Adams wrote that he is not here to talk about why he got banned because he deserved to get banned. He further added that he broke the ToS and he deserved all of that but what is here to talk about is that he is here to ask Twitch to make it fair. As mentioned, the widespread backlash the content creator is receiving is majorly due to him targeting a female streamer. JiDion publicly claimed that his actions had nothing to do with Pokimane’s gender.

Nevertheless, he was permanently banned after one infraction, causing many to feel like he deserved another chance. The YouTuber posted a video on Twitter where he asked Twitch to be fair and reduce the ban to a two-week one. He said that he feels Twitch should keep his 14-day suspension, especially for a first-time offense, and not let outside factors determine it. Besides, he also said that the community backlash is not enough reason to ban him from the platform, and also when it was his very first offense.

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