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Jill Scott Leaked Viral Video Tape Twitter Reddit Trending On Social Media Link


Jill Scott is one of the most glamorous women in the music business but beyond that, she’s also a God-league voice and pantomime. That said, rumours of a Leaked video featuring the Philadelphia native went wide and a certain member of Twitter nearly broke the service searching for this fabulous footage.

Jill Scott

We’re formerly well apprehensive that Miss Scott isn’t hysterical to talk about Tape indeed demonstrated her, ahem, microphone chops during a performance that’s still one of the most violent moments in live show history. Prior to that, Scott was struck by a phone pic hack with leaked images making their way to the Internet and that too garnered a flurry of responses.

Scott’s name began trending across Twitter heavily on Tuesday (Jan. 4) after fans claimed a s3x tape was floating around, egging a number of ridiculous and seriously wanton responses from both men and women who fancy themselves fans of the singer.

Naturally, the fervour to secure the rumoured video was supplemented by a nearly rabid contingent of Twitter druggies laying out their stylish jokes, memes, gifs, and the suchlike to illustrate their appetite for this content.

As it stands, Scott, who’s active on social media in some felicitations, has tagged to not respond to the chatter but it might soon come necessary and maybe indeed uncomfortable. However, we’re sorry to add to that but we’re just reporting on the data as we’re witnessing them If the ultimate is true. It would be fair to say that if a tape exists, it wasn’t meant for public consumption and we should admire that.

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