Jim Hagedorn Cause Of Death – Obituary, US Rep. Hagedorn dies at age 59

Hagedorn’s wife, former Republican chairwoman Jennifer Carnahan, confirmed the news to 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS on Friday morning.

He was 59 years old.

Hagedorn was diagnosed with stage 4 kidney cancer in 2019 and began treatment at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester. He announced that he had removed a kidney, along with the cancerous tissue surrounding it.

He then announced in July 2021 that his kidney cancer had returned.

It is with broken heart, shaken spirit and overwhelming sadness that I announce that my husband, Congressman Jim Hagedorn, passed away peacefully last night.

Jim loves our country and loves representing the people of southern Minnesota. Every moment of every day, he lives his dream by serving others. There is no one more conservative in our state than my husband. This is reflected in the way he voted, led and fought for our country.

Jim was a loving husband, son, brother, uncle, cousin, nephew, friend, brother-in-law, son-in-law, fan of Vikings, penguins and twins who will be missed and remembered by many.

As your eternal love fades away, nothing prepares you for unimaginable pain, intense heartache, suffocating grief, and the seemingly endless emptiness that devours your entire body, soul, and spirit; at least We can smile knowing that Jim smiles from heaven and encourages us to continue to pursue our dreams of unconditional love and fighting for our country.

Jim Hagedorn, I love you. I miss you. I feel empty without you I will hold your hand forever.

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