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Joe Exotic is dead or still alive? – new sentencing could come in weeks


Supporters of Joseph Maldonado-Passage (also known as Joe Exotic) who call himself the “Tiger King” are planning to hold a rally on Saturday to seek his freedom.

“Tiger King” Joe Exotic transferred to Federal Medical Center after cancer diagnosis

Supporters of Maldonado-Passage created an “Innocent King” logo to promote the planned public protest in front of the Oklahoma County Courthouse from 1 to 4 pm. This Saturday.

Speakers will participate in the presentation.

After being diagnosed with prostate cancer, 58-year-old Maldonado-Passage was recently transferred to a federal medical unit in North Carolina.

He was sentenced to 22 years in prison for hiring murder – trying to hire two different people to kill his competitor, animal rights activist Carol Baskin – and federal wildlife charges related to killing and selling tigers . He and his supporters lobbied President Donald Trump and Trump staff to pardon him.

“Yes!” said an officer, and the tiger’s head separated from its body.

Retired agent Jim Rasman has been investigating Joe’s case and helped write a pardon request to be handed over to former President Donald Trump before he leaves office.

“They completely ignored what was recorded by Joe’s veterinarian, Dr. Green. These records prove that all five tigers have diseases ranging from arthritis to degenerative disc disease, which will show up under X-rays,” La Sman said. “But this opportunity never appeared because they only worried about their heads.”

“The story is in the animal’s body. This determines whether they will be euthanized or not, and this is what remains of the underground,” Phillips said.

Phillips said that an elderly white Bengal tiger named “Samson”, a zoo worker testified that he was one of five tigers shot by Joe and survived in another animal sanctuary last year.

“That’s it… They really don’t care about the facts, not the substance of the conviction. This is a problem,” Phillips said.

Phillips said the new affidavit also proves that witnesses lied about the conspiracy to kill Carol Baskin during Joe’s trial, stating that text messages and phone calls indicate possible misconduct by federal agents.

“It’s not that the federal government stepped in after the fact and said, ‘Hey, this is a murder for hire. Let’s go back and interview the witnesses. They are on this side, far ahead, trying to make the murder for hire conspiracy really happen,” Phillips said.

Rasman said: “He wants to get $5,000 in cash without any effort, sell some tiger cubs, buy mobile phones…anything that he suggests will show his intentions.”

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