Joe Rogan Apology Video After His Racist Story Clip Go Viral Spotify Removed 70 Podcast Episodes

Once again, Joe Rogan is the remaining subject of great discussion among everyone just after Spotify terminated around 70 episodes of his podcast without offering an answer. Later, Rogan shared a video on Instagram, through which he is apologizing to the concerned authorities for using such derogatory words during the show. Rogan particularly addresses footage which was posted by singer India Arie, that shows Rogan while using N-word frequently during the podcast instalments over several years. So below you could get the comprehensive details behind the news along with someone unknown facts which still, remain unknown.

Joe Rogan

As per the exclusive reports or sources, recently Rogan unleashed an apology letter in which he unleashed his feelings while ashamed of those actions which hurt someone through his podcast. He mentioned, that he knows that no context exists for everyone, where a while man is not ever permitted to say that word, never mind publicly and he agrees with the now as well. Meanwhile, he also said that he should have pronounced only words instead of using the N-word. Despite all this, he is still facing some tribulations, because his statement has taken a controversial form which is grabbing immense attention as well.

Joe Rogan Statement

Reportedly, Rogan said that the clip was taken into the wrong context by the people because he did not use the N-Word in the context the people are taking it for. Further, he mentioned, that he was talking to the comedians where he took this word only once and it took the agonistic face. But despite this, he shared the entire apology letter so that, if somebody git hurt with that stuff, so they could accept his apology including this, he has taken a pledge to not use something like this again.

If further reports are to be considered, so yet Spotify did not confirm anything regarding the statement of Rogan, as the reports are claiming that he used racial stuff. This is the reason almost everyone is looking ahead to get more, because if it is not the reason behind the step of Spotify authority so why they removed dozens of episodes. It would not be wrong to say that this issue has become a very hot issue at this time, which is attracting the attention of almost everyone to know the further story behind all these controversies. So here we have conferred such details and if something comes ahead we will update you. 


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