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Joe woods Death, obituary – Cause of death


Joe Woods is a native of Ridgetown in the Mississippi Delta. After graduating from Mississippi State University, he worked for the US Forest Service in the Tahoe National Forest in Northern California for two years.

He then returned to Mississippi and worked for the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for 38 years before retiring in 2003.

A lifelong passion for writing began in the form of short stories and poems from an early age. He has always wanted to write a novel of “The Great American”.

During the 44 days of recovery after heart surgery in 1992, he sat on the bed, created the character of Woody Mackenzie, and wrote his first novel, Long Hands, on a yellow pad. So far, he has written and published five novels: Ferry Terminal, Trial, Burning of the Old Master, and Unexpected Flight.

The secret of the spiral tower is the fifth and possibly the last of the series titled “Mackenzie Chronicles”. Joe is an avid outdoor enthusiast, he likes woodworking when weather conditions prevent him from driving his tractor and Polaris. He was a resident of Vicksburg and now lives in Raymond, Mississippi.

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