Joel Ware dead and obituary, cause of death Joel Christopher Ware

Joel Christopher Ware grew up in the lower 9th and 12th districts of the Big Easy. As the seventh child at the age of 12, Joel has seen firsthand the dedication and sacrifice of single mothers struggling to raise their children. Ware found himself struggling to keep straight and narrow roads in middle school and decided to drop out in 8th grade.

He felt that street life would bring him all the excitement and materialism he thought was missing. He did not realize his dream and soon found that the reality of street life was unsatisfactory and presented many challenges. Unfulfilled dreams propel Joel forward.

At 15, Joel convinced himself he needed to get a GED. After accomplishing this great feat, he began to pursue higher and higher dreams. Ware took courses at Southern University that provided him with college credit, where he earned a BA in Therapeutic Recreation and Recreation Studies.

This degree instilled greater purpose in Joel’s life, and he found that there was no end to what he could achieve through hard work, focus, determination, and tenacity. The fruits of his labor are starting to show, and they continue to show. Ware met every challenge, hurdle, and hurdle that he was willing to overcome.

Weir acknowledges that God is the sustainer of his life and the one who keeps him grounded and grounded in his purpose. Joel believes that serving those who need to build bridges to realize their dreams is God’s way of reaching out to those who tread life-threatening waters.

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