Johnny Kapiris Adelaide Store Dramatic Arrest Video Check What Happened?

Johnny Kapiris, the owner of the St Bernards Fruit and Veg Market, has shared a video that has been going viral on social media. Johnny has issued an intense threat to the supermarket company ALDI after spotting what the market did to him. The owner was extremely angry with the supermarket giant as they put a large advertisement for ALDI’s fresh produce in front of his store. The said video has become the subject of discussion on the internet and has gotten everyone’s attention. Let us check the complete details here.

Johnny Kapiris Adelaide

John aimed at ALDI in a 45-second video uploaded on social media. He told them that they have 48 hours to remove the ad otherwise he would burn it down or rip it off with a forklift. Talking about the ad, it features a photo of a bunch of bananas with “Aussie produce, ALDU prices” written on it. The ad has been erected at a bus stop in front of the market. John is seen saying “This is f***ing real, This is real. This is at the front of my shop. My shop, My son. My issues. My shop”. He addressed the company as dogs and asked everyone to look at what they have done to him.

St Bernards Fruit & Vegetable market owner said laughing that he is going to f*** their sign up. He went on to implore ALDI to remove the sign before he took harsh action. John added that he does not care about the consequences and asked them to just come and take it down because he is going to burn it and he does not care even if he goes to jail. He further said that he does not care but this sign will not be at the front of his shop.

The owner conceded that the sign was a “smart move” by ALDI on TikTok. As the video surfaced online, many of his followers and his customers supported him. One fan wrote that this is just messed up and said the company is barking up the wrong tree. Another one added that John is doing good work and said that the world needs more people like him looking out for smaller businesses. However, some people slammed John for finding using a violent way to take on ALDI. One asked him why it bothers him as there is always competition in the world and that’s business.

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