Jon Gould Andy Warhol Cause of Death What happened With Him? How Did He Die

A piece of death news has been brought a mourning wave and we are sad to announce that the chairman of the Department of Justice, Law, and Criminology at American University Jon Gould has been passed away and as soon as the news of his demise became public, social media got flooded by thousands of condolences wishes for the personality. He recently joined the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice back in January 2020 as a Prominent Professor and Dean of the School.

Jon Gould Andy warhol

Well, when it comes to talking about his career and his achievements so no doubt that the man has dug so many things in his life and therefore after his death people are remembering him not just because he was a great personality but also because he was something that will remain alive in the books and stories. As you all know that before joining ASU he was the establishing overseer of the Washington Institute of Public Affairs and chairperson of the Department of Justice, Law, and Criminology at American University.

Who Was Jon Gould?

He has also served as the head agent for the Wrongful Conviction Prevention Project, a long-term research program that was financed by the National Institute of Justice (NIJ). When it comes to talking about his most recently done mission so Gould was one of the delegated senior arrangement counsels to the U.S. Division of Justice and overseer of the National Science Foundation’s Legal and Social Sciences Program during the Obama organization.

No doubt that he was an internationally known personality and it was all made by his own because Professor Gould is the one who was prominently known for his expertise in judicial policy, social change, and government reform. He had penned done more than 50 articles and also a total of 4 books on some of the most interesting topics on which people hardly talk, the topic includes diverse as false convictions, vulnerable defenses, international human rights, innovation in prosecution, police conduct, hate speech, and sexual harassment.

Well, so far his death cause has not been shared officially but we are trying our best to get it so, stay tuned with us. No doubt that the great soul will be missed forever, may his soul rest in peace, our saddest condolences are with his family and kin.

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